Friday, February 3, 2012

Working Woman's Wordrobe

As a southern gal that has held a few corporate jobs in somewhat conservative environments, I’ve found myself struggling from time to time with what to wear to work. I hate the idea of dress pants and a button up- as I like to be a bit edgier- but I have to keep in mind that I’m not in New York and I’m not in an industry that knows I’m on trend when I walk in wearing head to toe floral prints. This, now that I think about it, explains why I got strange looks when I said “totes” in last week’s meeting.

It’s for certain that casual looks are easy. It’s effortless to be a bit daring and trendy with pieces on top and throw on some jeans and feel that you have a great look. But what happens when you can’t wear jeans to work every day? Here are some tips that I hope will allow you to have some fun with your work clothes.

1.) Think monochromatic- even before head to toe pastels hit the scene, it was easy to do an allover basic black look. If you have a colored skirt or pant, try to go for the same hue (or a shade lighter or darker) on top. And if you feel too much like a crayon, throw on a chambray shirt to break it up. You can even mix prints as long as they share a common color. So if you have a striped cardi, pair it with a polka dot or plaid blouse with the same color scheme.

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2.) Blazers.Blazers.Blazers- I heard Clinton Kelly say recently that a structured blazer was the best way to narrow or hide your mid-section. Look for one that, when on the hanger, naturally creates flattering lines and adds structure. There are so many ways to wear blazers but they look great with a cropped, skinner trouser.

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(obvi, wear black pants or skirt with Olivia’s look)

3.) Make a statement- Add big jewelry (my lust is the JCrew Bubble Necklace or this gem from Loren Hope). But get real, I can’t afford those. Don’t be afraid to wear two necklaces to create a fuller effect. Also try a fun shoe or a red lip if your look is a little blah.

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4.) Tuck it in- If you are feeling lost in a flowy blouse and trousers (whether skinnies or a wider leg) - tuck your shirt in and add a skinny belt.


5.) Incorporate color ANY way possible- for about the last year, I must have believed I was living in a Ralph Lauren magazine ad. All I bought were warm, neutral tones. Seriously, I bought everything that came in army green and I could pair with riding boots. Now I’m telling everyone I know to embrace the color. Do me a favor and just walk into an Old Navy right now. The color will slap you in the face.

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6.) Wear t-shirts to the office- Giorgio Armani said the T-shirt is the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. Wear a graphic tee with a pencil skirt. Put a sequin tee with a fitted trouser. Boyfriend tees look great under blazers with dress pants.


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